The Hijablog (Imaan Ali) | #ModestStreetFashion
Detroit-Metro, U.S.A.
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yo mama jokes don’t work very well here


Lupita Nyong’o named People’s Most Beautiful Person
TODAY: Lupita Nyong’o is People’s Most Beautiful person for 2014, the magazine revealed Wednesday morning on TODAY. The Oscar winner with the perfect smile and the style to match beams from a cover that promises “her inspiring story.”
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y’all eat ass but y’all dont eat the part of the apple with bruises okay i see

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when you actually did your homework but forgot it at home


When someone flirts with the person you like

Anonymous asked:
50lbs anon here - thanks for replying to me :)

Of course! :D

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I really love your blog and you're such an inspiration to me, i'm trying hard to lose 50lbs (more really but i think 50 is a good start) do you have any tips? xx

Thank you so much :3 well you’re definitely headed in the right direction. You just have to believe in yourself. I know that sounds cheesy but unless you have an underlining medical issue that impacts your weight the only thing you have to rely on is yourself and your dedication. Some days will be harder than others. You might even go months without really seeing a change. But, believe me, you’re changing. Mentally and physically. Keep going. I’m here if you ever need advice or just someone to talk to. (:

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